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Quick Installation Guide

The manual contains a detailed step by step guide of installation and calibration.
Below is a short overview:

Sensor guide
Fig 1: Sensor Position
  1. Download and Install the Touchless Touch Software

  2. If you are using a Kinect for Xbox 360 sensor download and install the Kinect SDK and then reboot.

  3. If you are using the Orbbec Astra or an OpenNI device install the drivers that came with the sensor and then reboot.

  4. Mount your sensor(s) flat against the touch surface in one of the corners, pointing diagonally across to the opposite corner, at least 60cm away from the touch area (see Fig 1 and Fig 3).

  5. Goto the notification area, look for this icon: and double-click it

  6. Look to see if your sensor has been detected: (see Fig 2)
    Sensor status
    Fig 2: Sensor Status

  7. Press Calibrate Devices and follow the messages on screen

  8. If your touch surface is reflective or shiny then during calibration, stick a sheet of paper over each touch point, and then repeat calibration. If this does not help then cover the entire surface and repeat.

Quick Calibration Demo

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Example Placement 1 Example Placement 1
Fig 3: Photos of real setups with sensor position shown

For more information, and trouble shooting guide please consult the full manual and check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Download Touchless Touch

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Copyright © 2012-2024 RobSmithDev. Touchless Touch has been in development from early 2012 to make it the fantastic product it is today!
* Works with most flat surfaces, no guarantee is made that it will work with all surfaces. Does not act as a display, only as a touch digitiser