Wide Video Walls

Touchless Touch

Turn any surface
into a touch screen *

Download Older Versions of Touchless Touch

We have provided older versions of Touchless Touch here in-case you have any issues with the latest release. **

  • V1.91 - Download
    • Fixed bug with "service not responding" message
    • Fixed problem with redistributables required for newer OpenNI drivers

  • V1.9 - Download
    • Added native support for the Orbbec Astra and Orbbec Astra Pro sensors
    • Fixed a few Windows 10 issues

  • V1.8 - Latest Version
    • Added support for Windows 10
    • Added new "Reduce Lag" option for improved smoothing with faster response
    • Disabled Windows 8 lockdowns for operating systems other than Windows 8.0
    • Added automatic check for updates
    • Fixed a bug with the about screen not displaying correctly
    • Improved detection of multi-touch points with better rejecting of false data
    • Increased responsiveness of the KinectV2/Xbox One sensor
    • Overhauled the calibration routine to be more accurate
    • Improved the calibration routine for the more precise nature of the Kinect V2/Xbox One Sensor

  • V1.7 - Download
    • Added support for the Kinect for Windows V2 and Xbox One Sensor

  • V1.6 - Download
    • New touch algorithm meaning the software is now much more accurate.
    • Added new options to restrict the detection area during calibration.
    • Fixed a bug where the Max Touch Points option wasn’t being saved.
    • Improved multi-monitor support for Windows 8

  • V1.5 - Download
    • Fixed bugs with multi-monitor on Windows 8 where primary display was right of another monitor

  • V1.4 - Download
    • Fixed major bug with some OpenNI devices not being detected

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Copyright © 2012-2024 RobSmithDev. Touchless Touch has been in development from early 2012 to make it the fantastic product it is today!
* Works with most flat surfaces, no guarantee is made that it will work with all surfaces. Does not act as a display, only as a touch digitiser
** Older versions are provided without support.